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How can I add or change the voice of the voiceover?
How can I add or change the voice of the voiceover?
Updated over a week ago

When first creating your video, you can add a line in your prompt or select a specific voiceover and style from the workflow panel.


If your video is already generated, you can prompt the magic box to change the voiceover.


Below is the list of voiceovers you can use in your prompt with a Male or Female voice:

  • Clear American voice

  • Voice with a Californian accent

  • Voice with a Southern accent

  • Voice with a Midwestern accent

  • Transatlantic voice

  • Voice with a New Yorker accent

  • Young British voice

  • Northern English voice

  • Middle-aged British voice

  • Old husky British voice

  • Indian English voice

  • Young Indian voice

  • Australian voice

  • Standard midwestern accent

  • Pacific Northwest accent

  • American Young Kid's voice

  • Heavy Northern English voice

Here is an example prompt:

  • Change the voiceover to a male Australian voice


Note: If your prompt does not work by any chance, do a hard refresh once [by pressing Ctrl + Shift + R (Windows) or Cmd + Shift + R (Apple)] then preview and try again.

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