How can I change the style of my subtitles?

1 min. readlast update: 12.25.2023

Different styles of subtitles can be added from the magic box

Here are some examples of the subtitle styles you can use:

Add word-by-word subtitles where the current spoken word is in yellow

In this subtitle style, the current word being spoken will be highlighted in yellow.


Add subtitles with a standard look and feel

Standard subtitles will show a text box behind your subtitles, in addition to highlighting the current spoken word in yellow.


Add subtitles with an outline

This will prompt the AI to add plain subtitles but with an outline.


Add subtitles where only one word is shown at a time

This style will only show the current word being spoken.


Add karaoke subtitles with green highlights in a black box

You can prompt to add any of the 140 common color names supported by modern browsers. Here is a list of color names you can use.

Note: Using hex codes for colors and text box opacity may not work at times so we recommend playing off the prompts shown above for now.


You can also add and select a subtitle style from any workflow window when creating your video.


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