How can I edit the script of my video and the voiceover?

2 min. readlast update: 12.21.2023

You can either prompt the magic box to make changes or use the Edit option to make more fine-tuned edits to your voiceover script. 

Changing the script of the video also changes the script of the voiceover.

Here is a video on how to edit the script of your video and the voiceover invideo AI:


Prompting the magic box

You can prompt the magic box to make changes for individual sentences, scenes, or the whole video!

Step 1: Add a prompt in the magic box.


Step 2: Click on Generate and preview your video once the changes have been made.


 Some example prompts showing what you can achieve with the magic box are;

Make scene 2 funnier
Add a line at 10 seconds expanding on the topic of the scene
Change the tone of the video to be more professional
Delete line 3
Change scene 2 to talk about "your topic"
In scene 2 the line currently says _______, change it to say _______

Use your imagination!

Using the Edit option

Use the Edit option to make more fine-tuned changes to your voiceover script.

Step 1: Click on the Edit option.


Step 2: Navigate to Edit script


Step 3: Make edits to your script.


Step 4: Click on the Apply Changes option to save your new script.


You can now preview your video and check out the new voiceover.


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