How do I add or change the background music?

2 min. readlast update: 12.21.2023

You can add background music when initially prompting to generate a video or in the background music option given in any workflow.



Once your video is generated, the magic box can also be prompted to add or change the background music.


Here are some example prompts that will add or change music in your generated video:

Add a hiphop urban track

Intense street vibe with raw hip hop elements.

Put some uplifting motivational music on the video

Builds cheerfully, perfect for positive and inspiring moments.

Add an energetic inspiring track

Fast-paced mix of electronic and orchestral for action or motivation.

Make the background music epic or cinematic

Powerful percussion, choirs, and brass for epic sequences.

Put some mysterious music on the video

Tense and low-register orchestral elements, evoking mystery.

Add a soft track

Light piano or guitar with soft strings, inducing calmness.

Add a spooky track over the video

Slow, chilling instruments with an eerie ambience.

Add a dark and haunting soundtrack

Low drones with haunting and enveloping melodies.

Put some classical music in the video

Full orchestra for period dramas or epic narratives.

Add an ambient track 

Long sustained notes that create a vast, timeless soundscape.

Lets play something soothing and meditative over the video

Soft instruments blended with nature sounds for relaxation.

Add some good playful and bouncy music 

Catchy rhythms with a mix of lively organic and electronic elements.

The prompts given above are just examples to give you a general idea of how you can prompt the AI to add music. You can add similar terms to get similar results. For example, soft can be gentle, epic can also be cinematic, spooky, and eerie will give you the same results, and so on!

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