How to add, change or edit the Background music?

2 min. readlast update: 04.26.2024

You can add or change background music when initially prompting to generate a video or from the workflow we offer.


After your video has been generated, you can proceed to edit the music by selecting the 'Edit' option and selecting Edit music


From here, you can search and replace the Music and tick Include Premium Music  to get music from Storyblocks library. 

You can also edit the music further by clicking on the three dots and get the below options:

Music Volume: You can set the music volume as per your liking and the highest it can be set to is 200% 

Fade in: This feature allows you to control where the music transitions in the video.
For example, you can set the music to fade in 5 seconds in the video. 

Fade out: Similar to the above, this feature gives you control over when the music will begin to fade out. 

Start track from: You can select the duration from where you want the music to start.
For example, you can have the music start directly from 15 seconds. It is like trimming the music from the beginning. 

Ideal duration: The AI automatically puts the ideal duration of the music to match the length of each scene.
For example, if a scene is for 24 seconds, the AI will set the music to play for the full 24 seconds. However, if you manually adjust the music duration to 20 seconds for that scene, the music will stop after 20 seconds. The remaining 4 seconds of the scene will be silent unless you enable the looping feature, which allows the music to continue playing.


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