What can I do if I exhaust my iStock?

2 min. readlast update: 02.07.2024

As soon as you export a video, your iStock media count is reduced by the amount of iStock used in the video.

When generating a video, the AI will select and incorporate the best stock media available from our premium libraries (Storyblocks and Shutterstock) as well as iStock. You can boost your plan, upgrade to a higher plan, or purchase an add-on to get more iStock. 

You can limit or remove iStock to have it replaced with premium media, for which you have unlimited access, with one of these methods:

1. Limiting iStock from the drop-down in the workflow modal

You can select and set the amount of iStock that should be used from the iStock drop-down given in the workflow modal for all workflows.

Step 1: Select a workflow.


Step 2: Select the amount of iStock you would like to use in the video.


2. Prompting directly

You can add a line in your video generation prompt to control the amount of the iStock.


Tip: Adding specific instructions using "Settings:" indicates to the AI that this part is important.

Here are all the prompts you can use to control iStock usage:

Don't use iStock
Use fewer iStock media
Use iStock normally
Prefer using iStock when can
Only use iStock  

Prompting the magic box if your video is generated

If your video is already generated, you can prompt the magic box to control the number of iStock used in the video.

For example:

Don't use iStock


Preview your video once the changes have been applied!

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