What does export visibility mean?

1 min. readlast update: 02.07.2024

Any video in your account cannot be seen by anyone not in your workspace if you have not shared a link. If you choose to share your video, you can set it to either be private, unlisted, or public.

By default, your shared videos will be set to Public. You can set the default visibility setting for any video you create by changing the Default export visibility option, accessible from the Settings page.




🔒 Private makes it so your video can only be previewed by you or people in your workspace.

💻 Unlisted makes your shared video only visible to invideo AI users who are logged in and nobody else.

👁️ Public gives anyone with the link you have shared access to preview your video. 


Visibility settings can also be changed from the panel on the right of your exported video, or the sharing panel, accessible by clicking the Share option.








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