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What are AI generation minutes and how do we count them?
What are AI generation minutes and how do we count them?
Updated over a week ago

AI Generation Minutes are the core metric for measuring AI usage in our platform. These minutes represent the time allocated for generating videos using AI. When you purchase a paid plan, the primary cost component is the AI generation minutes. Without these minutes, creating videos with AI capabilities on our platform is not possible.

For example: You create a 5-minute video, it will reduce your total minutes, rounded off to the nearest minute as shown in the table below.
If you're on the Max plan with 200 minutes, you will have 195 minutes remaining and if you're on the Plus plan with 50 minutes, you will have 45 minutes remaining.

The Minutes are counted:

1. When you create a new video from scratch
​2. Regenerating an exsiting video
​3. Editing the prompt.

Please find the table for reference.

Time Range

Rounded To

0 min 1 sec - 1 min 29 sec

1 min

1 min 30 sec - 2 min 29 sec

2 min

2 min 30 sec - 3 min 29 sec

3 min

3 min 30 sec - 4 min 29 sec

4 min

4 min 30 sec - 5 min 29 sec

5 min

​4. From August 1st: Increasing the length of an existing video via the Magic Box or from the Edit script will count towards your minutes.

For example: Let's say you initially create a video that is 2 minutes long, and now you increase the length (by adding a new chapter or through the Magic Box) to 3 minutes.

You'll be charged for the extra 1 minute.

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