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How can I add, duplicate, and delete chapters in my video?
How can I add, duplicate, and delete chapters in my video?
Updated over a week ago

You can add, duplicate, and delete chapters by prompting the magic box or from the Edit script panel.

Prompting the magic box:

You can prompt the magic box to add new chapters and duplicate or delete specific chapters.


Additionally, your prompts can be tweaked to have invideo AI talk about or elaborate on a topic when adding a new chapter.

Some example prompts include:

  • Add a new last chapter

  • Change the last chapter to summarize the video in a more humourous way

  • Delete chapter 7

  • Duplicate the first chapter

  • Add an intro chapter that talks about _____

Using the Edit script panel:

You can also achieve this from the Edit script panel by clicking on the Edit option below the preview, and navigating to Edit script.



Here, navigate to the chapter you would like to edit, then click on the ... 3 dots on the top right, and you will get options to:

  • Duplicate chapter - This option will duplicate the current chapter.

  • Add chapter before - This option will add a chapter before the current one.

  • Add chapter after - The option will add a chapter after the current one.

  • Delete chapter - This option will delete the current chapter.


Click the Apply Changes button to apply and save the changes you made.


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