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What is Magic box and how to use it?
What is Magic box and how to use it?
Updated over a week ago

The Magic Box (the input box below the video) is your gateway to utilising inVideo AI to its full potential.

It's your go-to tool for harnessing the best features and capabilities that InVideo AI offers, making your video editing experience not just easier, but truly magical.

Here is a full list of commands you can use to make changes to your video:

Media editing -
⊛ Change the pace of media -> Make the cut slower/faster
⊛ Modify visual effects -> Change theme
⊛ Lower iStock usage -> Use zero/few iStock
⊛ Change Media in scene 2

⊛ Add transitions/overlays

⊛ Remove transitions/overlays

Audio & Music -
⊛ Mute/reduce voiceover

⊛ Mute/reduce music

⊛ Decrease the voiceover/music volume to 0
⊛ Change voiceover to Australian accent
⊛ Increase background music to 80%
⊛ Change the background music mood to upbeat

Text editing -
⊛ Add subtitles
⊛ Remove subtitles
⊛ Change subtitle style

⊛ Change text size to 60

Creative direction -
⊛ Start on a serious tone and make it more hilarious
⊛ Change media in scene #2
⊛ Make scene #4 funnier

General tips -
⊛ Use undo to go back to previous edit
⊛ AI understand localised English commands
⊛ You can add blog / Wikipedia links to the prompt box
⊛ Change video format to Vertical for 9:16 Reel/TikTok auto resizing
⊛ Shortest video length possible is 15 seconds.
⊛ Longest video length possible is 20 minutes

To get the best outputs, prompts have to reflect as much of your personality as possible.

Note: Edits continue to remain free till the 1st of August. After which you will be charged for any extra added length to the video as well.

For example: Let's say you initially create a video that is 2 minutes long, and now you increase the length (by adding a new chapter or through the Magic Box) to 3 minutes.

You'll be charged for the extra 1 minute.

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