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How to change the style of my Subtitles?
How to change the style of my Subtitles?
Updated over a week ago

You can now add and select new subtitle styles from our v2.0 version. This feature can be accessed from any workflow option while creating your video.

List of subtitles:

  • Add bold subtitles with popping effect

  • Add clean subtitles with no outline

  • Add clean subtitles with outline

  • Add karaoke style subtitle

  • Add classic hormozi subtitle

  • Add word by word subtitle

  • Add the comica subtitle

  • Add subtitles with comic font and the shake effect

  • Add all caps subtitles

  • Add subtitles with a banger effect

  • Add subtitles with the yellow comic box style

Once the video has been generated, you can change it from the Magic Box as shown below -

To change the colour, remove the background box and change the font of the subtitle via the Magic Box:

  • Change subtitle style colour to red

  • Change subtitle style highlight color to white

  • Change the subtitle style with white highlight

  • Change subtitle style text box colour to LightSalmon

  • Remove subtitle-style text box background.

Note: You can prompt to add any 140 common colour names supported by modern browsers. Here is a list of colour names you can use.
Using hex codes for colours and text box opacity may not work at times so we recommend playing off the prompts shown above for now.

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