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How to add (pause) to the voiceover?
How to add (pause) to the voiceover?
Updated over a week ago

You can add a pause or delay in your script by adding (pause:Xs) in brackets and mentioning the number of seconds you want the voiceover to be delayed.

From the Edit script section:

As shown in the screenshot, you can manually add the (pause) between chapters from the edit script section.

You can remove the pause from the video via the Magic box:

  • Remove all (pause) from the video.

Or if you have a pause with the duration mentioned, you can use this command:

  • Remove (pause:3s) from all chapters.

You can add a pause in between lines/chapters if you want only the Media with the music to be playing.

You can add new lines between sentences as shown here.

Note: You have the option to change the speed of the voiceover now as shown here.

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