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What is ideal duration and how does it affect your media?
What is ideal duration and how does it affect your media?
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What does ideal duration mean?

In invideo AI, the ideal time refers to the duration assigned to each video clip based on the associated voice-over (script) and the footage used.

If you modify a clip, the AI automatically adjusts the timing of other clips to prevent any black frames in the video. The ideal duration ensures that your video runs smoothly and perfectly matches the voice-over.

Below we will show you how you can increase the media duration -

Step 1: Increase the text if there are only 1 media displayed

In the below screenshot, there is only 1 media for this segment. This can be noticed from the grey lines between each media.

If you would like to increase the media duration for this segment you will need to increase the length of the text from the Edit Script section.

As you can see below - Increasing the text sentence also extended the media duration to 7 seconds.

Step 2: Increase the media duration if more than one media in the same segment.

If you have two or more media clips in the same segment, each 4 seconds long (with no grey lines in the middle), you can increase the duration of one media to 8 seconds, which will remove the other media.

To increase the duration of the media, click on the three dots in the top right corner of the image/video, change the duration, click away, and then select Apply Changes.

Step 3: Changing Media duration to 0

If you change the media duration to 0, it will automatically fill the space for the same duration to maintain the ideal duration.

The first media is 5 seconds long here -

If we change the video/image duration to 0, the AI will automatically add another media for 5 seconds.

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